Raygun Encounters: Legacy of the Crystal Shard

The Gang Rents a Yacht

..after taking a few levels in Delegation

Week 12
Dan as Incendius, Human Wizard
Neil as Bud, Ranger
William as Fib, Tiefling Warlock
Sina as Alasaurus, Swordmage
Steven as Etain, Drow Cleric
Allison as Mardred, Dwarf Paladin
Bob as Kayleth, Half-Elf Druid
Jacob as Kintama, Hengeyokai Thief
Josh as DM

The team sizes up the new party of adventurers before them. They seem pretty tough and on top of their game, so they decide to send the Undermountain Adventurers after Gant at the tour. Hogar had mentioned previously that the weather is lovely in Easthaven this time of year, and it’s been a long week of adventuring, so they decide to see if they can take a fishing vessel out for some joy riding before heading to the Ice Witch’s tower to clean up anything left.

They arrive in Easthaven but unfortunately, the OTHER heroes they previously recruited to take care of Gant’s threat in the town seem to have gone rogue, renting a vessel with a large black ram on the front to supposedly “root out evil”, but then returning after a few days and laying siege to the town, effectively blockading any fishing vessels from entering the lake to fish. The situation is beginning to grow dire as this is the primary means of economic gain and food for the town.

Fortunately there is one remaining lakeworthy vessel in the town, so they take charge of it, hiring Disco Dave and a couple other local fishermen to pilot it into the lake while they lay low and prepare to ambush these so-called “pirates”.

Sure enough, within a few minutes of setting sail, they see another ship emerge from a hidden cove with a large, black ram and head straight towards them! As it draws within range, Bud (who is up in the crows nest) sees several archers and rough looking fellows on board and begins firing. Meanwhile Kintama changes to raccoon form and swims a long, heavy rope to the attacking vessel, where he jams the rudder. At the same time, Allasaurus launches a homemade grappling hook which she miraculously is able to wrap several times around the upper mast of the pirate vessel. Disco Dave helps her tie it off and they begin pulling the ship towards them, blocking any attempt at escape or outmaneuvering.

Just then, several pirates emerge onboard, having similarly swum over stealthily and climbed up the side of the ship!! They immediately begin going for the casters, and Mardred and Allasaurus rush to protect them. Keyleth attempts to knock one over the side with the help of her bear, but he becomes tangled in the rigging and is able to stay onboard. Incendius explodes multiple waves of fire, weakening and distracting the enemies on board, while Fib attempts to hold them in place and throw elemental bolt after bolt, and Etain keeps the casters up through some massive swings by the pirates.

While this is happening, Kintama continues infiltrating the enemy ship and takes down several archers with some help from Bud, Keyleth and Incendius who shoot bolts, lightning, and other magical support to distract and take down the several foes. At one point Kintama is rushed by several foes and is on the verge of falling, when Allasaurus realizes and shouts “NO!”. Just as the final swing is coming down towards Kintama, a dimensional vortex opens beneath the pirate’s feet and he finds himself suddenly on the other side of the boat, as his sword crashes down on his fellow archer. Kintama pauses to wave thanks and in that moment the casters and Bud finish off the last pirates.

Kintama tries to claim ownership of the boat via salvage law, but Incendius sees through the cheap ploy and insists that they return the boat to its rightful owner. They also realize that the ram is made of black ice, and that is what corrupted the pirates. Incendius promptly destroys the ram to prevent any further damage, and they sail both boats back to shore. The harbormaster thanks them, particularly for returning all the town’s goods which had been stolen intact and offering some money as payment. They also realize based on the description that the owner of the stolen ship is none other than Gant, who seems to have plotted the entire thing by buying and mounting the ram from Baerik and then renting it to the unsuspecting adventurers. Given that Gant is a criminal, everyone agrees that Kintama can fairly claim maritime salvage law. Etain, who has suddenly found a real knack and enjoyment for fishing in this short time, decides to stay behind and work as the ship’s captain and send Kintama his cut as necessary. It’s a good life.

Just then, the other group of adventurers call – they’ve reached the tower and defeated Gant, but it seems the Witch was in simulacrum form again and melted away! They are on the verge of being overwhelmed – barbarians and a lich seem to be supporting the Ice Witch in addition to her normal yetis and wild animals. They request reinforcements to help finish off the other Big Bads in the tower. By the power of the awesome teleporting mirror, the group steps through to join their comrades in the far north…



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