Raygun Encounters: Legacy of the Crystal Shard

In which we accidentally founded a cult

and possibly also jumped the shark

Week 11
Dan as Incendius, Human Wizard
Neil as Bud, Ranger
William as Fib, Tiefling Warlock
Sina as Alasaurus, Swordmage
Steven as Etain, Drow Cleric
Allison as Mardred, Dwarf Paladin
Jared as Two Bits, Halfling Rogue
Bob as Kayleth, Half-Elf Druid
Josh as DM

As the heroes hear voices and see light around a corner further down the tunnel, they send Two Bits and Bud to investigate. They have wildly varying stories of what is being discussed, but since the idea of a tea party in the middle of a cultist lair doesn’t make much sense, everyone agrees they are probably re-telling the massacre at the inn in Bremen… awkward. Two Bits sneaks down further and sees three men in a large kitchen / dining space.

Fib, Etain, and Bud pose again as cultist initiates, grabbing Two Bits (in goblin disguise) as a disgruntled guard and Mardred to cover them, and step confidently into the room. “I tried to stop them!” yells Two Bits as Etain retorts “your door service is terrible!” One man turns and they recognize Davrick Fain, who smiles. “I am so sorry for the door service! These goblins are very hard to train, you know. But, what brings you here?”

“Yes, well we were meeting our new cult friends at the inn, and they told us about the sacrifice and gave a flyer for this place, but then when we ducked into the bathroom for a minute they disappeared! So we decided to come up and see for ourselves.” says Fib. “Hmm,” thinks Fain, “well the sacrifice isn’t until Friday, so you’re a little early, but I’m impressed that you brought this dwarf to add to the offering! We don’t get those much.” Mardred shuffles uncomfortably.

“Yes,” says Etain, “so where can we put her for safe keeping?” “Ah, the prisoners are just through this door, and then second on the left.” “We will leave this goblin hear to watch our things, I’ll just duck down and be right back.” and Fib and Mardred are off down the passage. Just then, Kayleth steps out of the shadows to see what is going on “Sorry I’m late – thanks for welcoming us”. “Ah, yes, she is with us” says Etain, and Davrick nods. Something seems up – this is too easy. Two Bits uses the distraction of Kayleth to sneak behind one of the other cultists, Disco Dave, and swipe his sword from it’s scabbard when he isn’t looking. Kayleth sits down, poors some beer for the other cultist, and has him sit facing away from the door as they drink.

Meanwhile, Fib and Mardred find the prisoners, and Mardred comforts them and lets them know that they can help. They determine that one is the apothecary they were looking for, and Fib lets him know that he should consider the debt even once they rescue him. He also asks if the other prisoners can pay, as Mardred just shakes her head…

“Hey Jerry,” says Diso Dave, “Have you seen my sword? I swear I just had it” as he begins looking around. Realizing that the ruse is not going to hold much longer, Two Bits draws his other weapon, says “here it is”, and stabs Disco Dave. Everyone else draws their weapons and attacks as Incendius, Alasaurus, and a bear bust out of the tunnel, magic blazing!!

From out of the shadows, two crag cats bound from behind Davrick and attack the nearest party members, as he mumbles incantations and summons slivers of Ice that blind and confuse the party! Disco Dave swings his fists and afro wildly at several nearby heroes, yelling “fight me!” but they ignore his weak blows. The battle seems to be going their way, when suddenly Davrick says “Jerry, enough, summon the beast and let’s see how strong it really is”. A giant remorrhaz (frost worm) bursts forth from the floor, and they realize why the room was so hot as fire erupts from its carapace!

Fortunately Incendius is well trained in fighting fire with fire, and Alasaurus is able to keep the worm mostly locked down. She takes heavy damage but Etain keeps her up while Keyleth is able to also keep Mardred on her feet. The party is able to focus on taking down Davrick Fain as fire, arrows, and steel echo around the chamber, and then after a while the worm falls to a huge blast from Incendius. Finally Fib tells Disco Dave, “you see, your cult is quite weak. You should probably join our cult”. Realizing he is the last one alive, Dave nods vigorously “Yes, you seem much stronger than the cult of Auril! What are you called?”

Off the cuff, Indy remarks “the cult of the light”, and surprisingly the name sticks with Dave. He tells them all about the other Aurilian cult cells, as well as Davrick’s private room where he suspects he communicates with the Ice Witch, Hedrun. Alasaurus and Bud find a large mirror, which Alasaurus uses to tidy herself up a bit until Incendius lets them all know that it appears to be a communication (and possibly teleportation?) mirror.

Just then, it crackles to life – “Davrick? Are you there?” says a woman’s voice, and they find themselves face to face with the Ice Witch. “I haven’t heard from Davrick,” says another voice “but Xeres should be checking in around now – Xeres?” “Xeres.. is dead. We sort of drowned him” says yet a third voice. Hedrun stares at Alasaurus and the motley crew of heroes (and Disco Dave). “Who are you? Where is Davrick?” Keyleth pipes up, “Some adventurers just came and killed him! What should we do?” but the second voice says “She’s lying – I recognize them – those are the adventurers who foiled my plans in Bryn Shander! Damn them!” He turns, and they realize it is Vaelish Gant! “Yes,” says Incendius, “We killed Davrick, and you’re next!”

“Sorry.. what’s going on?” says the third voice, and more people are heard behind her. Another group of people, seemingly in a cave, appear in the mirror as well. “Gant,” snaps Hedrun, “we must accelerate our plans. These adventurers are causing too much trouble.” “Yes,” he agrees, “I am completing my plans tomorrow to destroy Easthaven – these heroes have been very helpful in that” he chuckles “and then I will meet you at your tower and we can enter the final stage. Let’s break the call before these fools figure out how to use the teleport” and they both disappear.

Etain, Mardred and Fib compare notes with the other adventuring party and realize that they will all need to band together, save Easthaven and then try to find the tower. The other group seems to be far to the south and have defeated another ally of Gant’s named Xeres, and incidentally be looking for a way out of Undermountain anyway. So Alasaurus opens a portal through the mirrors, and they stumble through and introduce themselves…



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