Raygun Encounters: Legacy of the Crystal Shard

Defend the Daledrop!

Week 7
Dan as Incendius, Human Wizard
Neil as Bud, Ranger
William as Fib, Tiefling Warlock
Sina as Alasaurus, Swordmage
Steven as Etain, Drow Cleric
Fred as Hogar, Half-Orc Slayer
Allison as Mardred, Dwarf Paladin
Paul as Badger, Pixie Slayer
Josh as DM

The heroes awaken from their hungover slumber to the sound of an alarm bell ringing loudly from somewhere in Battlehammer Hold. Fib rolls over, thinking it his head pounding, but soon realizes that the bell is coming from outside his skull, not in. Etain wanders out in his morning robe, thinking that this dwarven stronghold is surprisingly barren of coffee given the abundance of ale.

As they groggily gather, they hear Stokely in the central cavern shouting orders and approach to find out what is going on. “Our sentries reported in this morning that they had been attacked by some invading force from the north – yetis, barbarians and wild animals working together! We’ve never seen anything like it, and wonder if it might be the advance party to some larger army.” He calls a sentry over. “Yes, our group was attacked earlier this morning – they were heading towards the valley! They will be at the Daledrop soon if they are not already!”

Bud asks about the Daledrop, and Stokely says that it is the “back door” to the dwarven valley, the only way to enter from the north without trekking around Kelvin’s Cairn to the wide southern entrance they had used the day before. “If there’s an army coming to take our valley, the ‘drop is the most obvious place for them to take – but it’s also a natural defensive position. I’m in the midst of calling all our sentries back, as well as the guards we left at the Halls of Black Ice – we won’t stand a chance without our full forces. In the meantime, you have proven your salt in battle – is there any chance you could head up to the Daledrop with this sentry to scout the situation and try to hold the position until we arrive? We shouldn’t be far behind you.” Sleepily, our band of adventurers nod agreement, and set off with the sentry back through the tunnels up and beyond what they had seen before.

They soon see daylight creeping down the tunnel, and send Bud out ahead to scout the situation. He reports back that a group of yetis and a small pack of wolves seem to be searching and sniffing around outside! Badger organizes a quick plan to attack the nearest from range while the armored folks charge in, but unfortunately the hangovers and sleep have not yet faded entirely, and the first volley misses completely, alerting the enemies to their presence! One yeti howls into the forest while the others charge, the wolves moving in to bite at Mardred and Alasaurus. Meanwhile the other two yetis move up behind and let out the same magical shrieks that the party encountered back in Bryn Shander, hurting most of the party. Etain lets out a large burst of magical energy to heal most everyone while Incendius roasts the wolves and yetis – unfortunately crisping Mardred in the process, but Etain is able to keep her up.

Meanwhile Hogar is swinging away, Bud and Badger support from the rear, and Fib sneaks around the edge of the cliff face to spray magical bolts from behind the foes. He turns to look behind him and sees movement in the treelines – the yeti must have alerted more forces who are moving in to hold the position! Fib warns the others as they take down the last few yetis, also stopping to get some roasted yeti legs for later.

Incendius is able to warm the snow enough to create a large mud hole in the main ramp up from the forest while the others take a quick breather at the tunnel mouth. A huge bear and four barbarians charge out of the trees and beeline for the heroes, but the mud slows them down enough for everyone to recover and even pick off the bear and one barbarian before they can do any damage. The other barbarians sling arrows with some slowing poison that temporarily stops Hogar and Mardred, but Alasaurus is able to electrify the muddy pool and shock them, and distract them enough for Incendius to loose another fireball as they others pick them off one by one. Between Hogar’s steel, Badger and Bud’s arrows, and Fib’s magic they do not last long, although the heroes are hurt and they hear many more footsteps trampling through the trees not far behind.

Suddenly Etain turns as he hears something behind them, and Stokely bursts forth from the tunnels with a phalanx of dwarves. “Great to see you alive my friends! Thank you for defending our valley! What’s the situation?” They relay what they have seen and point to the forest, and Stokely’s jaw drops. “I have not heard of such collaboration between these forces in all my days! It must be the work of Auril and that Ice Witch we’ve heard rumor of! Speaking of which, a human showed up just after you left and said he must speak to you..” They see Algorell, the hunter who helped track down Gant’s gang earlier, emerge from the cave mouth with a grim expression. As Stokely orders his dwarves into position, Algorell shares that he too saw a large army of wild animals and barbarians moving towards Bryn Shander while hunting the day before – but it was led by a giant skeletal dragon being led by a woman in all white!! Is it the Ice Witch? The heroes ask Stokely if they will return to Bryn Shander and ally with the humans, but he graciously declines – “Nay friends, my place is here defending our home, but if that Ice Witch is moving on Bryn Shander then they could surely use your help – get on back down there and see what you can do! We will hold here and cover your escape.”

And with that, they see the battle being joined by the dwarves at the base of the cliffs below, and set off back down the tunnels with Algorell towards Bryn Shander and the woman who seems to somehow be in the middle of all they have seen so far..



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