Raygun Encounters: Legacy of the Crystal Shard

The Final Chapter

In which the bad guys get what was coming to them

Week 13
Dan as Incendius, Human Wizard
Neil as Bud, Ranger
William as Fib, Tiefling Warlock
Sina as Alasaurus, Swordmage
Allison as Mardred, Dwarf Paladin
Bob as Kayleth, Half-Elf Druid
Jacob as Kintama, Hengeyokai Thief
Josh as DM

After exiting the mirror portal, the gang find themselves on a frozen tundra, the northern wasteland where the Ice Witch has made her home. Before them, a huge black spire rises, as if it pushed its way straight through the tundra from underneath. “Black ice!” whispers Incendius under his breath. “Kessell must be near.” The other group of adventurers describe their battle with the witch, her skeletal dragon pet, and the now-deceased Gant. Fib gets a feeling of deja vu – “That sounds like a battle we fought!” and everyone is filled with a sense of unease. This is only reinforced when one of the new adventurers mentions they saw an undead looking creature and several barbarians watching them battle from the tower, and then return inside.

They circle the spire, seeing only the one entrance with two barbarians standing outside, looking bored and content to ignore them. Eventually they draw within shouting range, and one of the guards calls out “You all look rather cold and silly tramping around out there. Why don’t you come inside?” Kintama tries a bluff – “Well, actually we have really beautiful barbarian babes and hot elk meat over here, just over this hill! Come share it with us!” The barbarians look a bit confused. “Well.. we’d better go ask the Chief about that.” and go inside.

Kintama changes to raccoon dog form and goes up to the entrance.. it appears to be wide open, with an empty audience chamber inside and two staircases going up, one on either side of the room. He hears the barbarians conversing with another, deep voiced one (the chief?) and beckons the others forward after checking for traps. As he goes up the stairs, he hears a familiar, sinister voice in his head “You’d best bring your associates up the stairs with you, my furry friend, if you want to last more than five seconds.” Startled, he returns to the first floor and reports what he has seen and heard. Incendius is in the process of handing out small silver fire charms which he has been crafting over the last few days to combat the effects of the black ice. They discuss and agree to have one party go up one stairs, and the other take the other, to spread the effects of any traps or focused fire.

They reach the second floor and see Akar Kessell and a massive barbarian, obviously the chief, a head taller than all the others, conversing with the two guards and two other barbarian lackeys. The Ice Witch floats overhead, watching them approach. “The sacrifices have arrived! Auril is pleased!” she cackles. Incendius retorts “We are the ones who will destroy you and all this you have built! Your reign is at an end! Your wight ally fled from us last time, but we won’t give you the chance again!” Kessell perks up “Yes, it’s about time you experienced my power. Hedrun, you deal with the southerners, let me handle our old friends here. They’ve been a thorn in our sides long enough.”

Kintama, who has been sneaking around the periphery in the midst of this gripping dialogue, decides that this is the dramatically appropriate moment to draw his blades and run them deep into one of the guards at the edge, almost immediately incapacitating him. The others take this as a signal to charge into the fray. The Ice Witch immediately reacts by shooting a bolt at the nearest adventurer, who happens to be the ill-fated but much-beloved Sir Not Appearing In This Film, from the other adventuring party. He falls to the ground, not moving, and she cackles and fires another blast which encases the other staircase in ice. “You’ll have to join me in my lair if you want to take this any further!” and she flies up to a ledge above. Bud and Incendius wave the other party to continue up the stairs and deal with her while they deal with the threat here, and soon clangs and shouts are heard above as the battle is joined.

Bud and Fib quickly move out to flank the barbarians and get out of burst one formation, just in time to avoid a horrible psychic attack from Kessell which injures most of the party. Alasaurus and Mardred step forward to take the blunt of the attack, but Alasaurus finds herself rooted in place as they suddenly realize they have been surrounded by air elementals, who form from seeming nothing and begin trying to grapple and smother several party members. Keyleth is unable to resist one, so he smashes it instead, while Fib teleports away from another and shoots it down. With their combined efforts, the party is able to take down Akar Kessell before he can wreak much more havoc, although Mardred is quickly ganged up on by barbarians, and Kintama is also taking damage (although not nearly as fast as he dishes it out via his blades). They take down the barbarian chief next, with Incendius using making great use of his signature flame sphere and fire mantle in the close quarters to lay on the hurt from the stairs. Alasaurus is able to keep Kintama up just barely (while chugging healing potions herself to counteract the combined efforts of the wight, the chief, and an air elemental), as Keyleth focuses on Mardred. Just as Mardred is about to fall, she hears the magic words shouted “STOP FUCKING DYING!” She turns, surprised to hear Etain – but no, it is Incendius who has apparently learned some tricks from his traveling companion!!

Their wounds healed and the enemy leaders down, they are able to make quick work of the remaining barbarians and air elementals and then charge up the stairs to assist their new allies, who have the Witch on her heels just in time for a kill steal! Sorry other adventuring party… The tower begins to shake and crumble with its magical anchors destroyed, and everyone runs out after grabbing lots of totally awesome and level-appropriate loot. They are sad to have lost Sir Not Appearing In This Film… but feel that the ruins of a massive magical ice tower make an appropriate burial mound. On returning to Ten Towns, they are lauded as great heroes, and everyone is ecstatic that Auril’s spell of awful winter has been broken and things are returning to normal. A four day feast and celebration is held in their honor, and it is a really, really good time.

The End



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